Baby Blankets

I went to thrift store to find some objects for my paintings and I found theses two blankets in perfect conditions. for the total of 5 dollar.
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  • I have made several baby blankets and afghans as gifts, and it would break my heart if they ended up in a garage sale or thrift store! At least they didn't just throw it away, it is gorgeous!
  • Wow! I thought it was pretty before. Now that I can see the full pattern it is simply stunning!
  • Fantastic - so intricate and beautiful.
  • Granny square with ripples and then on............What a beautiful piece of work, an indication of the love that went into its making. I wonder what stories it could tell.
  • oh and it is so pretty
    i find myself studying it to see how it was made
    love finding things like this
  • What wonderful treasures to find.
  • I KNow what you mean, I was trying to learn to do crochet today and god it's not easy for me , and slow, and I dont undrestand how could someone let go of an handmade goods.
    These are for Kas and for July.
  • So much work into this. How could someone give to a thrift store.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing as Gayle about the hours of work... But good for you that you found them!
  • Think of the hours of work that went into this blanket...are you going to send them to KAS or for another charity....very nice...
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