Bamboo Stitch

This was called a bamboo stitch, but I did a yarnover every stitch, instead of every other stitch (I didn't read the pattern very well, did I?) so I think I "created" the double bamboo stitch.
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  • I don't crochet well but I often like the look. This stitch is my knitter's take on Mary's beanies which I still haven't mastered. (I'm also using it as a border on a slipover but I'm having to remake that as the shoulder section went a bit wonky.)
  • Very cool!  Thanks for letting me know.  So far I have only tried the squares with the new stitches, but I should venture off and do something else.

  • I've discovered that bamboo stitch is very good for hats and gives an almost crocheted look. Thank you for posting this pattern.
  • Yes, according to my chart it is.
  • This pattern was a multiple of two, and I think 34 stitches would be pretty close to the 8".  And looking back, I think I did it right after all.  This was on size 10's, I think that is the same as 6mm? 

    I had a go with doubled UK acrylic and 32 stitches was just under 8" on 6mm needles. I made a second one in a different make of yarn and tried 34 stitches which in my knitting was exactly right. I like the reverse side of the pattern too, and I'm doing a stripy one with the pattern slightly staggered  - lots of possibilities with this pattern. I am wondering now if it would make good hats so I'll try that next.

    Thanks for the idea.

  • I did, but it came out a little smaller - so I would add 4 or 5 stitches to it next time.  I think I did 32, so I would probably go to 36.  I can check when I get home - the stitch a day calendar is there.

  • It is knitted, and actually feels very warm.  And thanks for the lovely comments everyone!
  • Connie, with beautiful knitting like this why learn to crochet !!!!
  • That's a very pretty stitch whatever it's called and it's knitted right?  I like it!
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