Blanket, finished

Got a ribbon for this at the county fair. Is that quaint or what?
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  • it is fabulous and youv'e sewn it up so neatly too
  • oh my gosh! your blanket is amazing! happy holidays!
  • What a wonderfully crafted blanket. It's like quilt in how well planned out it is. Quite stunning!
  • ..Awesome...put ur pattern on the forum!!!!
  • Hi Holly - as I said before, this is an amazing piece of work. Just how long did it take you to complete and did you design it yourself? And, just as Kalai said, you deserve more than a ribbon - a commission for amazing blankets would be good!! Angela xx
  • Wow! That is stunning!!!
  • What a truly beautiful piece Holly. You must be so proud of this. Very inspiring Sandy
  • Beautiful Holly, you deserve more than a ribbon for that effort!!
  • wow!
  • it looks fantastic
    wish i could make that
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