Check-Mate Blanket # 7

Not exactly a color collision but still contrasted. Another blanket made with the dark self patterning wool. Another idea from you : alternating 'bright' plain janes with darker ones
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  • Very classy

  • What do you do??

  • Dear Mary Anne, thanks! Compliments on your colorful work too, you have an impressive collection of pictures...

    I crochet the squares together because I'm lazy with sewing needles (and not so skilled with them). But if I want to avoid the 'chocolate square' effect when the yarn is quite big, I then use a thinner yarn, but with the same crochet size I used for the main work. 

  • Wow, I am so impressed with all your beautiful work Lina!! I have a question for you; what is your favorite way to join the squares? Do you sew them together or do you prefer crocheting them together? Just curious :)
    Love this blanket, it's really stunning!
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