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  • What a beautiful box of crayons!  

  • Laurie, I feel your pain with postage fees.   As others have said, it helps to use plastic mailing bags, since they don't add that much more weight.   But, there is no other option for overseas mail, it all goes Priority now.  I had been using their online site to fill out customs forms and calculate mailing fees, which saved money, but I've recently heard that the fees are the same whether online or in person. 

    It would be a real shame to lose your squares, because these are so perfect, so beautiful and so needed.

    Let's all hope a solution presents itself somehow.

  • Laurie...forget the boxes and mail in soft plastic trash bags. That saves some on weight. Glad to see you back here on the Forum!

  • Laurie, these squares are gorgeous!  What a bright and cheerful blanket they will be.  

    I am so sorry to hear of your postal woes, but I can't add anything further since I am in Canada.  I hope Amy's suggestion helps and perhaps you should just change postal outlets.  I had a similar thing happen here and when we changed outlets, the price went down.  Good luck ... xo

  • Lovely to see you posting on the forum again Laurie! It is so frustrating that the USA no longer a cheaper seamail option - our American members have been so very very supportive over the years!

  • Terrific square by the way.  Love the Crayon theme.

  • Laurie that sounds very pricey.  My first question is, are you mailing this from the post office proper or one of those postal services places.  My postal service place charged 3 time the price of the post office.  This is how they make their money.  I usually try to fill up a box with more than 10 pounds, best I can tell 10 pounds is about three blankets. I recently had a 14 lbs box for $129.00 which is why I think something is off with your last experience.  The last package I mailed was after the recent rate hike.  I know many people in the US keep the weight right under 4 lbs for the short customs form.  I found it cheaper to mail larger packages.  Hope this helps.

  • Beautiful squares Laurie.  That postage is horrendous, I'm not sure that I would have gone ahead and sent the 2 boxes at that price.  What service did you use? 

  • Mailed this blanket plus a box with 36 odd squares today. Postage gas gone up to $129.20 for the 2 boxes. Not sure how many more times I can do this. Any suggestions? Mailing from USA. Thanks all, Laurie
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