Donated Lopi

A friend gave me a bag of Lopi yarn - I managed to get 31 squares out of the donated yarn, then had to buy the red to finish it. 100% Wool, so it should be warm!!!!
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  • Another marvellous blanket, Laurie.

    Philippa, wool blends will keep a child warmer even if it can't be used by children who have open fires.

  • Various companies sell pure wool online and have low shipping rates within their country and overseas. I found an Irish company that sends wool to Canada for just $4, not bad at all.  If one doesn't have a wool shop nearby (I do but they're expensive) then online is a good way to find wool yarn. I like some of the washable wool blends out now, 25% wool, 75% other. 

  • Brilliant Laurie, just brilliant...these could qualify easily as January gemstone squares, I've got some polished semi-precious rocks that are these shades.  Lopi is great stuff and they'll be delighted to get a 100% wool package from you, just mark that on the outside of the envelope so these squares can go to the poorest of the poor, even maybe a Hill child, living out in the open.  Winter will come soon for them and this will be SO valuable when it rains. BRAVO.

  • This is lovely-and Lopi wool is SO warm-you are right, Laurie, I remember my sister using it in brown grey and cream for a Norwegian style sweater in the 70's , though I cannot remember what she looked like wearing it!

  • What a wonderful warm blanket.  I love the pattern that you have created.

  • Wow - gorgeous blanket, lovely colours and it will be so snug and warm - love it !

  • Bev - Thanks, and, Lopi is a Reynolds 100% wool bulky yarn - I haven't used it in years.  It was big in the 70's for Scandanavian sweaters and afgans.  Almost impossible to find it still here on Cape Cod.

  • Wonderful!

  • The red has given it some fire and goes extremely well with the greys. Lovely.

  • Another gorgeous blanket, Laurie. You're squares are always so neat and even.

    I hate to ask, but..what is Lopi yarn?..I have never heard of this before. :)

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