Frist group of baby hats

Frist group of baby hats
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  • yes but we had a much better day yesterday
  • Oh that sounds like a horrible day for sure Gelareh. Shame I'm sure you'll have a much better today.

    I love this photo it makes me smile!
  • I am from Vancouver, we went to Sanfrancisco to pick up my uncles family and stop two night in the way to Vancouver, yesterday was an unlucky day, first we got lost in mountains because they had fire in some parts , so some other parts were close, then my uncle's rental car got in to problem, electrical problem, so no flasher no window nothing, that got solve after 10 hours we got to portland to our beautiful and expensive hotel, to find out my uncle and cousin booked it for the next night, we were in the edges of laugh and screaming.... so they were fully booked, they booked us into this inn...we came down from 5 star to 3 stars :)
    we said 3 unlucky things we are looking for a nice day ahead....
    the only good things was that I had time to knit 3 hats and one for my son.
  • Sorry to hear about ur nite, not getting any sleep. I do remember thoughs days with my daughter,
    now i stay up late to wait for her to come home...she is 21
    Where in Canada do ur parents live?
  • Hi everyone, Thanks so much for all your supports.
    Laurie my baby sleeps at 8 and our geust wake him up to see him last night , and he got so grumpy...didnt sleep till 2 then he woke up at 6. I didnt like it at all.
    but I hope to sleep in next week, when I go to my parents in canada.
  • Great colours....they look great!
  • Morning Gelareh:

    I bet you and your baby are still sleeping!! Hopefully - anyway, this is a great bunch of hats - lover you color mixes - Laurie
  • they are wonderful!
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