Fun With Buttons

My granddaughter Lauren Hake has been visiting this month. She brought her squares to me and then got into my fun button box! Anyway, these are her squares!
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  • Such cute little buttons!!! I like the little flowers very much.
  • I think I'd like to 'get into your button box', too, Laurie.These are such cute and fun buttons. Lauren obviously knows where all the 'treasure' is kept. Lauren is an excellent knitter and sure knows how to decorate a square.  :))

  • FUN is exactly the word... these squares are wonderful.  I love the little fish with the wave above them.  Clever Grandma, and clever granddaughter, too. 

  • YOUR group is pretty much "something else", too, Laurie!  Lauren's work is so well knitted and I love the buttons!

  • I love buttons!  Tell Lauren great job on her squares!

  • Well done Lauren, for adding some fun to her squares!  Clever to bring them to Grandma's, who will no doubt get them in the post.....

  • We have had a busy month and a half.  My husband Larry has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  We have been travelling and then we brought my granddaughter back from Ohio with us to visit.  But, I am back and will get back to work.  I'm so excited about the van and the new building.  This group is something else!!!!!

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