Got some gold yarn and 3 sets of knitting needles at a yard sale in a bag for $1. This gold yarn (price tag said .68 cents) was very old and had a partially made slipper on it. I mixed it with some of my scraps. It's all gone now. :)
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  • Very retro - I love them.
  • Actually, I thought this gold was the most hideous color when I saw it. Definitely very old, I'm sure at least 30 years if not more. I used a J or K hook on these hats, plus I have 2 patterns. One has chain 3 with 12 in a circle, the other has chain 3 with 15 in a circle. I just hope they aren't too snug.
  • Jana you've inspired me. I've also found some very old yarn, like 30 years old! It's still serviceable and would have been used for slippers back in the day I'm sure. Now I think I'll do a scrap hunt and see what I can combo it with. It's not as pretty a color as this gold but surely something will tango with it. Lovely hats-just super. Worsted and a size 5 or 6 mm hook I'm guessing?
  • Love the colours!
  • I love your caps...and especially more since I know what a bargain you got on the yarn and needles too sound like a lady who knows a good sale...good for much fun to run into things like that...especially when we are doing charity work for KAS....
  • Great job mixing and matching colors in making these hats! Isn't it fun to find bargains?!!
  • What lovely warm colours.
  • Wow these are fun - love the colours. Jana I count 8 hats between this and your other photo - shall I add these to the Feb/Mar challenge?? Maybe you could post a note in the challenge discussion so I can add to our tally.
  • Sounds like a good use of scrap/ old wool! These look really good, well done.
  • What a lucky find ! The beanies have turned out beautifully.
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