Grannies For Peace Education

Grannies For Peace Education
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  • I have just learn t how to made dorset buttons they are great to embellish thing like hats and squares

  • Many thanks to all of you for your kind and generous comments.   Now, if only we could have peace break out everywhere around the world.

    Dawn, I'm not sure what a Dorset button is.  I think the answer to your question is No, because the center is just a magic circle with single crochet into it (um, that would be double crochet in British terminology???)  I was just following the pattern as it was written.  But now I will go and research Dorset button and maybe learn something new.... thank you!

  • Is that Dorset buttons in the centre?

  • Sharon you have a knack for choosing beautiful bright colors, these are lovely!

  • Love them!!  Love the concept and love the grannies!  They will be so pretty in a blanket Sharon!

  • Good concept.. how wonderful would our world be if peace prevailed... love the colours and they will make up into a lovely rug.

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