Gray squares

These share two squares i made that I think I'll post to the July challenge. Do you think it's okay that the right one is like 7 and 1/2 inches squares and the other like 8 and 1/2 in squared? I think it's okay, but I honestly can't tell if I'm being a perfectionist or it needs to be exactly 8 squared.
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  • They look great Cherry and will be beautiful in a blanket....if you are worried about the size, you could  try blocking them.  But I don't think the small difference will be an issue for them :)

  • They remind me of elephant skin :)

  • Fortunately Cherry, they are not too far out of the required 8". Problems occur when they are 8" wide and 10" long - rectangles cause the sewing team headaches!  The ladies will be able to stretch the slightly smaller one.  Hope these get sewn next to pink or red as grey compliments those colours!  

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