I got some Boucle Yarn from my favorite Ebay seller to check and see how it would Crochet. I made the hat using crochet, but it was a pain in the neck. I stopped and started several times because I hated it so much. So I found a bag of yarn with 3 pairs of needles in a bag for a dollar at a garage sale. It ended up being a pair of 10 1/2 needles and 2 sets of round needles. The needles had some a UFO on them. Looked like a gold yarn slipper, ½ finished. I tried to knit what was on the needles and surprise I remembered how. First time in 30 years, I tried to knit. So I looked on the website for how to cast on video. Tried it on the boucle yarn, ended up taking it off and removing some stitches and starting with 24 cast on. As usual, I kept counting my stitches. At one point I had 27 stitches, so I knitted 2 stitches together and ended up with 26. Guess I'm not meant to knit and I'm definitely NOT going to use the boucle yarn I purchased. Guess my grandma is the winner in this lesson. Sorry for the long story.
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  • Beautiful colour and lovely work. You did very well. Enjoyed your story too! Angela x
  • Absolutely gorgeous green Jana. I love it!
  • But it looks sooo awesome !!!
    I love the color !
  • Boucle can be a pain or a lot of fun depending on the stitches and size of hooks or needles used. I've alternately cursed and praised it myself. I found it super on a knitting loom for making a hat. I know I'd never try it with crochet because I couldn't find where in the stitches to put the hook, too woolly! Bravo for trying every which way to use the yarn, that's perseverance for you!
  • i did a whole baby blanket in boucle with knit
    i did 8X8 squares using size 15 needles and 15 stitches, edged thbe blanket using a size P crochet hook. i loved it so much am making another.
  • YES! Definately soft! Guess boucle yarn and I are not friends. See above story.
  • Mad yarn but a great effect. I bet it feels wonderful too.
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