KASCuddle PurPinkle

Attempted a sc (single crochet) KAS Cuddle, but don't have the stamina for sc. This project was in peril of becoming a UFO. So after the 1st five inches I made the rest in hdc (half double crochet). Hopefully someone will just be happy to get it and it will be warm enough.
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  • I was at JoAnn's today and found some similar yarn. It's called Plum Pudding by my favorite - Red Heart. It doesn't have the blue, but lots of pink and purple - Purpinkle.
  • I don't think any mom or baby will complain about the stitches when they see such beautiful colours and such a warm cuddle.
  • Jana, this is lovely. Good for you for trying a KASCuddle! Hdc is a great stitch and does trap
    warmth so yours should be toasty warm. Love the colors!
  • Very pretty colours! I am sure that hdc will be fine. I have been told that crochet takes up a third more yarn than knitting would for a similar size 'fabric' so it would be a nice thick item. The holes or cells formed by crochet trap warmth, many commercial blankets are made on this principle.
  • Purpinkle, love that term! This looks beautiful. I am working on a single crochet cuddle and it IS taking some time to do. I think sc up near the face and chest is most important, I'm sure the hdc will give some needed ventilation during the heat that South Africa often gets. If I'm in danger of producing a UFO myself I will definitely consider this option. So far mine is slow and steady. :) I love these colors--purpinkle might become the new rage, you never know. ;)
  • It looks great--and although you want a baby to be warm, it's essential they don't overheat so I'm sure there's a mum who will be very pleased to have it for her baby.
  • This looks beautiful, and so warm
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