Kathleen's blanket square 2

Same square, different lighting.The free pattern for this square can be found at http://anotherlongyarn.zinalee.net/?p=1391
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  • Wow what a super square! Thanks for the attachment, it's a very interesting web site.
    Regards X
  • ooooooooooo love it - a stunning square and so different. Would really enjoy knitting one like this. I gather that you have put up a pattern, or are going to.
  • This is stunning! Well done Dawne. I love this square x x x
  • That's amazing! Love the colours!
  • Such a pretty square !
  • Thank you Linda. The handpaint is Blue Vesuvius and the solid is called Pansy. I want to make a square with these same colours, in reverse; using the solid rows to accent the hole and the handpaint to make the holes. :)
  • What a beautiful combination of colours ( and stitches !).
  • Thank you both! This may be a picture before blocking with the holes not as opened up. when put into a blanket, and tugged from all directions from the other squares this is going to be awesome! I loved making the scalloped holes on purpose. A far cry from the days I would have a hole and think "what happened here?" :)
  • Wow, how effective.
  • SO gorgeous. I see that you do have a link for the pattern. Thanks Dawne.
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