Knotted Cords

Another stitch-a-day. I did not enjoy making this one at all. I just wanted it to be over, but it took me forever! At least I finished it.
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  • Looks like a lot of work to me. Well done.
  • Stubbornness can be a real virtue! Be proud of it! :D
  • Thanks for the comments. Perseverance?  Or extreme stubbornness?  Hmmmmmm.    Linda:  I only managed to finish it because it was one square.  If it was a blanket, I would have ripped it out already!  
  • I bet you're thankful it was only one square and not a whole blanket lol  Still it is a lovely square.
  • Some patterns are like that. But it looks lovely!
  • That is an interesting stitch I've not seen before. As you say, some stitches aren't worth the trouble but you persevered and got this one finished at least. That's true grit! :)
  • Good for you!  No UFO!
  • Conni you are vey enterprising and committed. I think textured squares look lovely in the blankets and this one will too.
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