Lacy KASCuddle Variation

A lacy variation on the KASCuddle pattern. It's in a 4 ply cotton, so in hindsight it ended up a bit thinner than it ought to be, but one must live and learn! I'll just make the next one in a denser wool. It was made with one of my knitting machines.
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  • This is beautiful! Just stunning!
  • The lace is from a hand-knitting pattern, I adapted it for the machine. My great grandmother used to hand-knit the most beautiful fine lace, it's something I aspire to (but know I haven't the patience for!)

    The carriage is normally only hard to move back and forth if you're doing very tight knitting, or if you're making cables. I get tendinitis in one wrist, but I find crochet aggravates it far more than the knitting machine does. If you're working with an appropriate yarn and you set it to a looser tension, it should be quite light to move. It is certainly much faster than hand knitting, although lace is still fairly time consuming. I made this one over three nights, with another two nights spend sewing it together (it was made flat).
  • This lace work reminds me of my mother's handknitting, she was so good at this kind of thing. With knitting machines is it hard to move the handle back and forth to make the rows? I've often wondered if it would be helpful for me, with my arthritis to use one, but perhaps not. I know a friend who makes up hats in 20 minutes on hers. Seems to speed things up and look how lovely the stitching ends up. :)
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