Lauren's Blanket

A short story: Two years ago, I taught my granddaughter (who was 11 at the time) how to knit. The following Christmas she made scarfs for some of her familly and a WHOLE AFGAN for me!!!!!!!! After I had opened the afgan, she stated that she was making a promise to do 35 squares by this Christmas - well, she did, plus 10 more!!!!! She is now 13, and gets excited to go to Michael's and look in the yarn section - obviously my child!!!!!!!! I could not be more proud of her. Her Nana, Laurie the "Cape Cod GoGo"
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  • Wow, what a fantastic effort!

  • Oh, Laurie, wouldn't you know your granddaughter would be as wonderful a knitter as you are!  I always love to see your squares and Lauren is a chip off the old block!  Tell her we are all so proud of her efforts!  Children will be warm due to her efforts.  Children helping children - how truly heart warming!

  • What a lovely bright blanket and well done for such a young knitter to complete the whole thing, it is a big commitment to do enough squares for a whole blanket.  I too am glad I learned to knit when young, it is a great skill to carry through life.

  • What beautiful squares!-well done Lauren and to grandma Laurie for teaching you. Knitting is such a wonderful skill to have and will give pleasure all of your life.

  • very beautiful!

  • Wow! what a wonderful achievement Lauren.  As Christine said - it is one thing for us to say that we will do something and another to actually achieve it - and more.  Well done.  The squares are colourful and the blanket will be loved and treasured by someone. 

  • I agree, this is beautiful.  High fives to Lauren!  Girl I am SO impressed and Laurie, the apple sure didn't fall far from the tree this time eh? Lovely work, you must be so proud of her.  I know we've got schools knitting for KAS so I don't know if Lauren is the youngest or not but she's certainly a knitting star to us! 

  • It's great to see skills passed on to 'the younger generation'...and to see them used for a great cause and with such dedication. Well done Laurie and Lauren. You are a great knitter, Lauren.

  • How wonderful that Lauren fulfilled her promise and then some !   I love that she gets excited about yarn.  She's definitely a true knitter.... just like her Nana.

     Is Lauren our youngest KASer ?

  • What great commitment! To say you intend to do something is one thing but to actually achieve it is excellent. Looks like there's a crafter for life here following in her Nana's footsteps.

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