Love and Jana Squares

More January fun, thanks to Jana!
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  • Instead of putting your hook in the next stitch, you put your hook in the stitch below the next stitch, the row below. Hope that makes more sense!
  • Sooo, Andrea you're saying you do a "front post double crochet" around the stitch below? Otherwise I'm not sure how you'd get into it.  It's just such a nice pattern I'd like to give it a try. :)
  • I L.O.V.E. these! Great color combos, and your letters look so good!
  • So glad you like these color combos.  You did a Beautiful job on the words, AS ALWAYS!  :)
  • You know what? I think I'm lying - I did two squares, one sc-dc combo, one sc then dc in the row below. I think this square is the latter. Instead of putting a dc in the current stitch, you go in to the row underneath that stitch. Sorry, I couldn't tell from the photo! :o)
  • aaaahhh how pretty!  I just love this!
  • I had no clue the sc/dc combo could look like it 1 sc, 1 dc across and then dc into sc, sc into dc on the following rows?  I do that and it's never looked THAT good, lol.
  • These are beautiful squares, so perfect and even


  • Oh, I wish! I just can't get my head around knitting - it's the tension that I can't seem to master. As for the lavender square, that's a sc-dc combo. The other side looks different. The rest of my squares are all single crochet, as I find the afghan stitch to be very time consuming. :o)
  • Again...what better words to send to put into a blanket? I love that you've sewn the letters together so the word doesn't get lost in sorting at the other end. Truly pretty colors and the lavender really pops against the darker eggplant color. I must ask, as I believe the letter squares are done in afghan stitch, but what is the stitch for the solid lavender square bottom left? It looks knitted. Do you do both?
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