May Challenge - Big Hairy Blue Something-or-other
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  • I'm no "Big Hairy Blue Thing" is at just the right level of expertise for

    The colour is gorgeous, Anne and makes for a very pretty square. :)

  • When I was making this square, I was trying to remember who used to say "Big Hairy Deal" and finally my daughter, Wendy, reminded me it was Garfield the cat!  So thanks to all of you who have tried to dignify this with a botanical name....  but I'm afraid it's just a "Garfield flower"

  • Now that has us all guessing but don't ask me ! Very beautiful anyway.

  • Ceanothus? flowers early May.  This flower by any other name would be as stunning :)

  • Anne it looks to me as a beautiful cornflower.wonderful square!

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