Monday Moment 28b

Monday 14th May - book launch at the New Horizons pre-school. Twenty children listened to the story, saw the knitting, a KasCuddle and met and held the wool friends. Each child had made at least one wool person and they all held their doll while I told the story. I will feature some of the dolls later.
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  • This is fantastic Maudie!

  • This has to be one of the most creative and adorable ways to interest children in helping others, in yarn and in working with it.  How creative of all of them.  You've opened their eyes to a wider world sweetie.  BRAVO indeed!

  • Yes Pam. They have built a balsa wood village and the wool people go about their business at the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. 

  • Well done Maudie, gaining the interest of the children secures the long term future of KAS - little KasFolk in the budding!

  • The children look absolutely enthralled, Maudie. What a wonderful sight!

  • How delightful that you were able to bring Wool-Girl's adventures to these children.  Looking forward to seeing their creations :-)  

  • I chose this photo as it shows mainly the back of the children's heads. I want to protect the identity of the children as I believe they are too precious to post without permission on the www. There is one photo of a cute little boy holding Yarn-Boy so gently and gazing at him with tenderness. I will make a collage of some of their adorable dolls by cutting the doll away from the little children. The pre-school would probably do just a group photo of fifty or so creations if I asked them but not today.

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