My 8th completed blanket

A lot of stash busting achieved here. It's knit in 6 strips of 4 squares, and is thickened throughout with thin white yarn to make it super-cosey.
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  • A fabulous blanket Karen, very colourful and so neat :))
  • Thank you all for the kind comments.   The strips are stitched together with a needle and sewing thread (not wool) - going over and over loosely, (rather than darning stitch or tacking style.)

  • Such a wonderful blanket of warmth.

  • beautiful work.  Your joining skills are to be envied...and a super cozy blanket is always the goal.i like the way the white yarn addition makes all the squares look tweedy.  is that a word?  

  • A fantastic blanket Karen . So neatly put together!! Any tips to achieve a neat sewing of the squares?? in particular gather stitch?? Thanks for your  wonderful contribution to KAS!!

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