Organ Pipes

This one was way easier and faster than the last stitch I tried.
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  • Definitely not my creation.  One of the stich-a-day calendar stitches.  I guess it is supposed to resemble organ pipes?  I don't know that I see that in the pattern. 
  • Nice shade of pink.  I haven't heard of organ pipes before or is this your creation?


  • Jeanne - your comments are always so heartwarming!  Thank you to Sue and Jana too!  Pam - anytime you want to come to lovely warm Miami - let me know and I would be happy to teach you stitches. 
  • Wish I could attend the KAS stand at Springs River Festival in Miami that you have arranged Connie, but it is a tad too far to come at the moment.  I'd love to learn how to knit this type of square.  Good wishes for 9th April, look forward to your photos and report.

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  • I like this one too.I'm glad it was easier than the last and it just shows that it doesn't have to be difficult to be lovely!
  • And you know what? I think I like this stitch pattern more too, so that's a double win. Two thumbs up. The texture or ridges in this will trap lots of air next to the child's skin and help them stay warmer. :)
  • Love the texture.
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