Swiss sales are on!

Just felt like sharing the joy of finding this MASSIVE bargain at the local store, could not resist... ok the colors are not the brightest but the quality is there : 75 % wool, 25 % nylon or polyamide, resistant sock yarn to be doubled up. Having some thoughts about what to crochet with this though as the color is dull, & added a question in the forum about this, thank you for your comments :D
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  • Lina, for me they were reasonable (as I sometiimes buy from the UK or Turkey).  They use DPD as a courier who has very reasonalbe rates for Europe.  You'll have to use trial and error on your order for Switzerland. The FLO colours in a pack, which are listed, are the best price that I have seen and could be used as Christine suggested.  Trust her, she has a lot of experience.

  • Christine, you're absolutely right, I started getting afraid of the perspective of getting bored while piling these up on my bed. I could hear myself thinking: Lina, you're nuts, why did you buy all that! 

    Mili K, thanks for the website, the colors are wonderful and sock yarn is just so warm!  do they charge a lot to deliver?

  • Dear fellow KASers, thanks a lot for your useful comments, I have indeed some bright colored yarn to experiment with as suggested. Very nice ideas indeed!

  • A wonderful find and I agree with everyone else that it would be fine just as it is to set off brighter squares. You will possibly get a little bored yourself and when you can afford it buying some really bright yarns to stripe in will make gorgeous squares. I'm thinking hot pinks, oranges and lime green - hundreds of really warm squares. The variegated at the back look interesting too.

  • WOW! Lina, what a great find.  You're right, the quality is there and that's what counts.  Besides, as others have said, if you feel some of it is too dull you can always double it with a brighter color.  There are a lot of squares in that pile.  Good for you xo

  • Wow, that's one nice big stack! :) And even if the colors are not that bright they might help some other colors pop out even better. Or you could use them together with some other colors

  • Lina, I use a lot of sock yarn for the same reason that you do, 75% wool and 25% polyamide.  I always double it also. I see that you have dark colours and some neutral ones. An idea would be to knit a smaller square in a dark colour and then crochet around in a neutral colour.  Here is a link for sock yarn in bright colours that I have used:

    Great find!  I would do the same!  

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