Blanket # 9

Variegated blue yarn so dunno if applies to the August or September challenge... :D
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  • Oh Anne, what an honor!! :D

  • Just stunning! I am going to "claim" this for our September Pinterest page.  I have no doubt it will be re-Pinned many times.

  • Thanks a lot for the rewarding comments, and to catch up on variegated yarns & crochet, Jeanne, this yarn is the same used for the knitted pink striped cuddle # 5 (with different colors of course), except that I double crocheted (or hdc for uk?) for the main body. The edge is a granny square made flat.

  • I agree with fits in both and what a fabulous blanket!' I love the yarn pattern and the edging; brilliant job Lina!!
  • Very smart indeed Lina and I think it fits into both challenges!

  • It looks so smart. I love it very much.

  • Superb Aline!

  • It's a crossover blanket, covering both months!  A real beauty, and it looks so warm and comforting.   Beautiful work.

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