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I should add, this was pajama day at school, so some of them are in their jammies, lol! Our son is wearing the Christmas tree hat I crocheted for him. :-)
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  • Awww how wonderful, great work Rona. These kids are too cute!
  • How fabulous to see all the kids getting down to their knitting. Excellent encouragement. Angela x
  • Go Rona and her merry team. Lovely to see the kids.
  • Look how happy they are...I love it!
  • What a nice group of kids. I love the peace sign on the girl's shirt in the back! They look like they are having a good time. I like the green yarn your son is using.
  • What a lovely group of girls and all knitting away! I am sure there will be some super squares.
  • I never get tired of seeing photos of kids learning to knit or crochet. There's so few hands on creative opportunities like this nowadays, this directly links them to pioneers and earlier in history plus they get to do something for other kids who have nothing. So much for the experts saying kids nowadays haven't got the attention span!
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