Only 7" square. Suggestions for making it bigger?
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  • You can certainly do it with crochet. You'll find it much easier to knit this pattern with a circular needle. I love the colors, by the way. :-)
  • (sheepish grin) I was sorta hoping to avoid unraveling the bound off edge. You know how some people dread picking up stitches? I dread un-binding off.

    It is the dishcloth from Ravelry. I'm going to try a simple crochet edging to get it up to size.

    I have since bought myself the proper circs for this yarn to avoid this trouble again.
  • Sorry for all the typos...I'm up past my bedtime. At any rate, if it is the Reverse miter dishcloth pattern (from Ravelry), it starts with 3 stitches, and "grows" on two sides until you reach the desired finished size. If you knit it on a circular needle, it's easier to measure. I personally find it much harder to knit on straights. x Rhonda
  • If this is the Reverse Miter dishcloth pattern? It looks like it. If you cast on row is at the upper right (3 stitches) and your bound off edge is at the left & bottom edges in the picture, you bound off a little too soon. If you undo the last row (the bound-off stitches) and return the stitches to your needle, you can add (knit) another inch to get a perfect 8" square. The other suggestion would work too (to add a row of crochet all the way around).
  • Hmm. Adding a different colour to the edge. I hadn't thought of that. The only other green I have is a cheery, mint-ish pastel and a very subdued green. I call them 'grey based' you know what I mean? Like if you added more yellow to pine green you'd get an olivey green.

    What other colours would work? I've got red, burgundy, pink, black, really dark purple and a cobaltish blue.
  • If it had a medium green with it it would be the exact shades of an ice cream I like, lol. These are great cheery colours together.
  • Jana,

    I can add a row of SC around the edge. I wasn't sure how it would look but I could give it a try.

    I call this square the 'edible' square b/c the colours look like eggplant and lime!

  • Can you Crochet? On squares that are not quite 8 inches I do a row around the outside of single crochet (sc). Nice Color Combo!
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