SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE 2013 Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon
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  • Love it. I'm always impressed Robin. What a talent you have. The contrasting colors and the little guy make it extra special... He definitely brings a smile to my face. My family would call him a Happy Papi.

  • That sounds like a wonderful challenge Robin.. one that springs to mind is the owl and the pussycat went to sea .. wow that would certainly be grand...

  • I also heard the moon was made of cheese :-). I never heard the mouse part though.
    I was thinking we could also maybe have a discussion/challenge some day on fairy tales and lullabies.
  • This really bought a smile to my face , its really clever and funny... but where is the mouse that eats the moon.. I was told as a child that the moon was made of cheese and that the moon mice were nibbling bits away... do you mean to say that's not true... or is this the man who repairs the damage to the moon the mice do... ah well...

  • Oh what a cute idea---this could start a discussion on space travel, astronauts...who knows?  Love the cross stitched lettering!

  • So clever Robin!! Love your little "man on the moon"! He is adorable!
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