Sleepy lion

Another sleepy lion hat, a little more traditional :)
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  • It's not too bad Anne.....first I wind the yarn around a business card or credit card, a few times, and then cut across one end to make several short lengths.  Then I fold a couple pieces in half, pull through a stitch on the hat, and then pull the ends through the loop and tighten.  Is this making sense at all LOL?

    Here is a link to the pattern I sort of followed and she gives a great tutorial on how to attach the mane:

    Thanks again everyone!

  • I'm just back for another peek.  I LOVE this hat.  I do hope we get to see it on a child in some future distribution photos.  I'm still trying to figure out how you attached the mane - that yarn is fantastic, but it must be a horror to work with.

  • Oh Mary Anne!  These hats of yours are adorable!!!

  • Thanks ladies! The hair is a thick & thin yarn that I had for ages and finally found a use for LOL!
    I will post them on the discussion Anne, I forgot to do that. Thanks!
  • Absolutely adorable and creative Mary Anne!!!  What are those curls made of?

  • So fun!  I just want to pet this friendly little lion.   Love the multicolor mane.  Beautiful work and great creativity.

  • Mary Anne - this is just SO cute!  Will you post it into the discussion as well?  If you need me to do it let me know. (and I'll move your elephant square too if you want me to)

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