and done in new chain square provided by Mary.
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  • Love the colors.  Will have to try this pattern.
  • Paula, in horse terms, you're the Quarter Horse and I'm the cart-horse, lol.  I've got 3 squares done in Mary's pattern so far and I agree it's a great pattern.  What interests me here is that each square is done in the same pattern but due to the different yarns they all look like different patterns.  Bravo! I love that multi in the center bottom.  High fives, stellar work!
  • Yes, thank-you for the new pattern Mary, it was fun trying something new.  It works up very thick no matter what wool you use so that's good for keeping the blankets warm even with usually airy crochet.  Those squares were sent off yesterday, so far I've got 3 more made for the next batch.
  • Wow! They look great! Neat to see the pattern being used!


  • Connie, I loved that yarn too !
  • I love the blue one on the right!  I want that yarn!  I am a total sucker for anything with blue. Although the rest are wonderful looking as well, needless to say.
  • Paula, you have been busy.  What lovely squares you've made from the yarn I sent you.  Thank you !!!
  • Lovely! So nice to have squares from and Linda. Good job!
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