The cardigan

I am making a very simple cardigan as I can. I do squares when waiting in the Doctors waiting room. Next I will do a sweater. It has 2 little pockets and I will post another photo when finished.
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  • Looking good so far!
  • Lovely wool Joanne, love the taupe coloured one x x x
  • Thank you Donna, I have been knitting since I was 4 and this year as my sister with great delight reminded me I turn 50... so yes I have been knitting a long time.
  • Wow, what neat-looking rows! Looks like it's been machine knitted or store bought! Love the blue with the grey-makes the blue really stand out! Have you been knitting long?
  • Looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Dawn x
  • Oh this looks so promising. It's pretty already and not finished yet. The pockets are going to look so good I can just tell. You do lovely even knitting stitches. I agree, one can knit, or crochet, in doctor's offices, while sitting in the bleachers watching kids' sports events, on buses and trains, all sorts of places where one has some time to chill out. Is this sport weight yarn or baby weight or worsted?
  • I like this so much and the pockets
  • What lovely neat stitches. The blue trim works very well with the grey too.
    I crochet sitting in the cash line at work, between lectures at uni and in traffic jams on the road. A girl just can't help herself.
  • Neat knitting! I also knit in dr's room. Done a lot of that in the past 10 yrs, one way or another.looking forward to seeing the finished garment.
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