Third loom hat

Using a loom is DEFINITELY addictive!Some of this yarn has been sitting in my stash for about 20+ years!
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  • Love it :)

  • I look forward to it of my traits, too, I'm afraid...I always double check what I have typed, especially later at

  • Oh goodie Dana, look forward to it!

  • Laughing at ourselves is the best way to recover from these things Dana - who hasn't opened their mouth only to hear a contorted version of a word, especially if it is extra long and has x or too many u's in it!

  • Love the colours - am suprprised that you want to use yarn after saving it for so long.   I have several lots of yarn that I know that I ought to use but just like looking at it.  It would be like loosing a good friend if I did.

  • A great warm comfy hat for a boy!  I had an unused yarn just sitting in a corner, rather hard to crochet with but it worked up a treat into a hat and even changed from relatively hard to soft in the process.  Amazing.  Love these colors!  I find whittling to refer to reducing the stash and yeah, widdling to be something the dog does, lol.

  • Ah, yes Philippa, whittling down - I'd forgotten that one!

  • You are on a roll, Charis.....another goodie!!!

    Yes, Dana and Pam, I know we Aussies have some funny sayings that don't always translate well to the outside world and sometimes when I include one in a post I read it back and may decide to delete...just in

  • Great hats Charis !

  • Ah, the semantics of the English Language strikes again!  Dana, the word 'widdle' means something quite different in most parts of the UK - some of us tend to use it as a slang word, when referring for the need to take a No.1 style comfort break!

This reply was deleted.