Crocheted Tiger - This tiger has been in my mom's sewing/yarn room for years. I figured that someone would like to cuddle with him. Before you ask, I don't have the pattern.
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  • I measured his head and body and it was 4 inches. When I stand him up, he stand 4 inches. Hope that helps. :)
  • He's adorable and I'm sure your Mom would fully approve of sending him off to give love and cuddles to someone. :) I agree he looks like a fairly easy pattern. What size is he?
  • Very cute.
  • I'm on a roll.....here's one for an elephant.
  • While I was looking, found another tiger pattern.
  • But why re-invent the wheel !
    Here is a link to the free pattern on Ravelry....okay it's a reindeer but it looks like the same pattern ( minus the antlers :-)
  • it doesn't look like it would be too hard, lets put our crochet team to the challenge and see if they can work it out. I'm thinking that the same pattern would make a great elephant, lion, etc.
  • Oh wow! Do you think one of the clever crochet people we have here could work out how to do it?
  • too cute for words!
  • a very friendly tiger! Isn't he cute?
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