This is based on a cross stitch embroidery pattern I found by searching Google images for 'cross stitch patterns the sea'. I cut and pasted some of the simpler patterns I liked into a Word document, then printed it off to use as a knitting chart.
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  • Brilliant tip, Christine. I'd not heard of it before and will definitely try it now.  Thanks so much.

  • A lovely bright and colourful design. There's a site that's been mentioned on here before which will convert a photo or design to a knitting pattern and is quite easy to use.

  • Thanks for your Tricksyknitter tip, Bev. I can't wait to try it out.

  • Lovely and bright!

  • Delightful fish, Ilse.....

    FYI has loads of great free charts and you can even create your own on a blank chart or edit/adjust one of their's.  :))

  • Love your fish...makes me miss my fish, I had 5 Siamese fighting fish females together in a large tank and they were living jewels, so pretty. :)  (they had guppies to chase so they never bugged each other, and the guppies were too fast which kept them all fit)

  • Great job!

  • Amazing contributions of the sea challenge Llse!

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