This yarn is very old and had spots of yellow in it.Thinking of dying it.
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  • Well I sure give you "A" for effort and now I know what product works on "stained" yarns!  Thanks!
  • I Oxycleaned my hats.  That did take out the yellow spots.  So, I tried KoolAide dying 3 of these hats.  The Red one held a red color, until I rinsed it and all the color drained out.  It's now pink.  Tried green, that rinsed almost all out.  Might have to Oxyclean them back to white again.  I guess they knew what they were talking about when they said this doesn't work on acrylic yarn.  :(

  • It looks fine in the photo but it isn't obvious how big the 'spots' are or how many of them. Could little flowers be attached over the blemishes so that they don't show?

    If you have more yarn to use up the yellow wouldn't be obvious if you stripe the yarn with something else maybe.

  • It looks fine to me.  My experience with dying has never been good though I am going back many years when I used to tie and dye.
  • With acrylics bleeding can be a problem.  You can set a dye in hot water, particularly stuff like beet juice or blueberry juice, they all stain like mad to begin with. They talk about it in that article, and as you say, you don't need somebody wearing it getting stained too!
  • Question, has anyone done the dyeing and found them to bleed or come off when worn?  That's my biggest concern.
  • http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/acrylic.shtml

    This is a super article, easy to read, on what yarns to dye and what to leave alone and what to dye with.  Just FYI. Acrylics apparently are not a good candidate for dye-ing. :P

  • Goldenrod, plucked for free during the summer, makes a lovely yellow gold color.  If it's already got yellow in it I'd tend to stick to yellow golds or the yellow patches might show up a darker green say, if you dyed it green. Just a thought.  But again, nothing ventured, nothing gained...then again you could tie-dye it--dip different parts in different colors for a kaleidoscope hat! That way nobody would ever notice the yellow patches, heh heh heh.
  • Nice hat, have you washed it ?

    Let me know if you try dying the yarn.  I have a bag of white acrylic that needs colour !

  • This is a UFO hat because it was a panel of something knitted and my mom unwound it and I reused the yarn.  :)
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