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Hosted by Louise Tidman and Sharon Fennell

This month’s theme is all about the colour purple.  We both love the colour purple and have been waiting patiently for a chance to host this  theme, since we joined KAS and finally our time has come !!!


Red + Blue =Purple  

Red + Blue +White = Violet

Red + White = Pink

There are so many shades of purple



Purple is the colour of love

Purple is the colour I dream of

Purple is the colour of passion

Purple is the latest fashion

Purple is the colour of glad

Purple is the best colour they had

Purple is the colour of laughs

Purple is what he said on my behalf

Purple is the colour of me

Purple is the best you see

                                                                           Luna Moon

So join the fun and create lots of squares ,hats, handwarmers and toys all in the special colour of purple ….. along with a hint of pink and blue.


  Calling all members, play along with our Pattern of the Month Prize Game


This month’s pattern of the month is hand warmers.To encourage members to make and post photos of their beautiful hand warmers Louise, Sharon and Bev are holding a prize game.

This will run for the complete month and the winners will be announced on 1st march. There will be 2  lucky  winners, who can visit the KAS shop.

1st place $50

2nd place  $25


So how to take part....

1.Knit or crochet hand warmers following the pattern in the KAS Pattern Book. link to crochet pattern & link to knitted pattern 

2. Upload your  photo to the February " Passion for Purple " theme discussion and pick a  number from the blank squares on our blanket board.  You can pick a number for each photo that is uploaded.

3. On 1st March the winners will be announced  to have their shopping trip in the KAS Shop.

So join in the fun, make lots of hand warmers for the children, lets fill up our blanket with hand warmers  and be in with a chance to win money to spend in the KAS shop

The photo albums can be found here :http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/2017-february-passion-f...


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Lovely and very cosy hand warmers . Thanks Kim!!

A new purple one 

These are both very pretty, Diana!  xo

Oh WOW!!! Loving your new purple one...your stripes are really zing-a-ling!!!

These are beautiful Diana.  Love your colour combinations and the neatness of your work.   :)))

Love the shades of the bottom one in particular.

Okay, Louise, you asked for all purple.  Is this purple enough?


When I first thought about a design for this square (TC, of course), I wanted to use two shades of purple.  However, since Louise asked so sweetly for an all-purple square (and because I have, perhaps, been a little hard on all you pink and purple fans), I wanted it to be different from my ordinary stripes.  So ... I decided on a Croknit square (which is, of course, just a TC square worked with a double-ended hook).

When you Croknit in two colors, while both colors show on both sides, you end up with one side predominantly one color, and the other side predominanty the other color.  So I thought I would use this nice sort-of-sparkly-and-fluffy pale mauve for the front and leave the deep purple for the back.

However ... as I was working on it I found that I was beginning to like the 'back' of the square equally as well as the 'front'.  So, Louise (if you're still with me here) you can decide which side you like for the front of your all-purple square.  Just remember when it gets to S.A., the 'sewer-upper' will decide which side she wants for the front :))  xo

Are you surprised that the purple photographed so well?  Yes?  Well, I will tell you my secret.  I held a blue square beside the purple square I wanted to photograph (I shook it, actually :) and I said, "Now, see this?  This is a blue square.  You are NOT blue ... you are purple!"  

Laugh if you like, but it worked ... didn't it?  hahahaha  xo

I don't know about Louise, but I really can't decide which I love better, Glo...both sides are SPECTACULAR!!!

Thank you for the tip, re making the purple photograph purple....only problem is, I don't want to waste what little time left of February, I have, on knitting a blue square to shake it at my purple ones....LOL.  xo

Pure MAGIC, Gloria!!! Stunning TC rich Purple square!!! Thanks.

I bow to ;your expertise in creating these magnificent square. And enjoying a belly laugh over you showing the camera difference of blue and purple.

Glo, I've been with you all the way!  Thank you for making such a beautiful square, I love it and can't decide on a favourite side as they are both stunning.  Thanks also for sharing your secret re photographing a purple square. It certainly does work as your square does indeed look purple so I will have to give it a go......may have to purchase some blue yarn before I can make a blue square!! xo

My brain hurts just thinking about Croknit, but the result is amazing - side B is definitely my favourite, love the deep purple!



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