The South African volunteers appreciate the Packing Inventory Slip that many people include in their parcels.  It makes the job of recording each item much easier.

Before filling in the Packing Slip, please read the PACKAGING YOUR SQUARES discussion.


Open the appropriate file and fill in the
information in the PDF or print a copy and write by hand.




One form is needed for each parcel.


Information needed :

1. Fill in the "This package contains" section describing the quantity you are sending in the parcel.

2. Fill in your contact details in the "Contributor Details" section. Fill in the Name, Organisation (if applicable) and Country fields. Providing your email address is optional.

3. Cut along the line marked with the scissors.

4. Add the top part of the form to the inside of your package before you seal it. Tape your parcel well.

5. Firmly tape the bottom part of the form with the address to the outside front of your package. If the label is the wrong size for your package, hand-write the address and declaration (BONA FIDE GIFT FOR CHARITY, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE) instead.

6. Fill in the customs declaration, listing $0 or $1 as the value. Anything more incurs duties.*

7. Do NOT register your parcel or use a tracking number. This causes endless problems for the team in South Africa.

8. Knit-a-square is now paying a fee on each international parcel received in South Africa. If possible, please purchase a Pay the Customs Fee in the KasShop to help with the added fee.

9. Now you are all set to send your parcel!

10. To find out if your squares have arrived, check the Square Lists.

Do not be concerned if it seems to take 3 or 4 months for your name to appear. It takes several weeks for surface mail to arrive, then the time to travel to the local post office, be unpacked and recorded by KAS volunteers.


*Please read this discussion before filling in the customs form:



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