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Welcome everyone, to the August Challenge of Stripes, Zigzags and Textures. I hope you will join me in a month of fun and interesting squares.

Super Stripes will be a great way of stashbusting your current yarn supplies in readiness for....more yarn buying....and who doesn't like to do that???

Zany Zig zags come in all guises and there are sure to be many variations and interpretations....no pressure...lol.

TerrificTextures will be great for using up all the fun fur and other weird and wonderful yarns that you can't find a project for.....but this is also a great opportunity for all of us to do the much needed plain janes, because what can be more textured than a garter stitch or single crocheted square?

So, no strain on your thinking caps this month, let's all just have fun  and see if we can't fill the second KASvan for Ronda and team. 

Please remember to record the squares you make in THE DRIVE TO FILL RONDA’S KASVAN  again at http://forum.knit-a-square.com/forum/topics/the-drive-to-fill-ronda...

AUGUST 2013 CHALLENGE - FuzziesAugust Challenge-Textured squarePeachy ZigZagsAugust Challenge 2013 - Stripes, Zig zags and Textures

IllusionThumbnailBlock & 4 Row RibScarf - reversible Huckaback weaveScarf - twill weaveBlue And Gold ZigZag
pink square

 Gitta has so very kindly provided a link for the Challenge album. Thanks Gitta.


Gitta has just informed us that we have filled one album already. Here is the link to the second album: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/august-challenge-stripe... Thank you Gitta...and thank you EVERYONE for your contributions and participation, whether it be items or comments. Well done everyone, we are now on our 3rd album. Here is the link: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/august-challenge-stripe... Thanks Gitta.  :))
Laurie has very generously set up a Pinterest board for the August challenge. Thanks Laurie. Please check it out here: 


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August 2013 Set #1

To kick off our August challenge, Robin Monsees has crocheted these beautiful squares....a gorgeous variety of stripes, zigzags and textures. THANK YOU so much, Robin!!

Wow, well done to Robin, I love the bright bold colours and stripes in these squares.  I especially like the pattern of the diagonal one at the back, just beautiful!

WOW ! Robin, these are fabulous ! 

Robin's square are always amazing!  Love the colors and textures.  (and hope she is doing well after surgery)

Stunning, Robin!!

Absolutely beautiful!

Gorgeous Robin!!  I love the bright colors best, but they all are incredibly pretty!

These are just beautiful.

Sounds like this Challenge is going to be FUN.  Wow - Robin sure is getting us off to a good start - what gorgeous squares!!!!

I'm adding some "fuzzies" - from stuff lurking in my stash.  Beastly stuff - you can't crochet with it, but every now and then I like to knit.

Beaut colour combinations...I LOVE your fuzzies. My fave would have to be the top left one.....soooo sweet.

I agree, Anne, it is beastly stuff...but like a compulsive yarn addict, I still find myself buying more....it just sits in my stash and glares at me beseechingly...lol

Oh Anne, I do so agree!  I had never knitted fluffy yarn before and I did a square last night with some, it is definitely beastly to knit (if you dropped a stitch you wouldn't have much hope of being able to pick it up), though it does have a lovely effect when done (both visually and to the touch) .  I knitted 2 rows of plain yarn and 2 rows of fluffy yarn in my square to make it a little easier on myself LOL!  (will post a photo of it soon).

Love the colours in your yarns/squares especially the purple one in the bottom left square, very pretty.





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