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I have been offered a full pack of black DK yarn which I cannot use.   If any UK member can make use of it for KAS I will happily post it.   Failing that, would it be acceptable for making up/edging blankets in the KAS barn?

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Thank you for your offer Kathleen.  I realize you sent a message to the UK group but if someone replied to your email rather than messaging you via the website, you would not receive the email. [the broadcast option doesn't allow for replies]  If you would post on the UK group you might get a response :-)

If no one wishes to take you up on your offer the yarn can be used for edging blankets.  I try to send any extra balls of dark coloured yarn in my parcels.  The S.A. team would appreciate the yarn.

After sending an email via the UK group there was no response.   I checked the UK group page daily before posting a message here.   I will try your suggestion of messaging on the UK group  page this time, and if still no response, will send the yarn to KAS in my next parcel. 

Hi - was this the UK group on here or on Face Book?  I have looked at the latter and there is nothing there from you.........

Hi Rebecca,

A week or so ago, I sent an email to the whole UK KAS Group, not realising that as Linda says replies by email wouldn't happen.   I'm just not used to using this kind of format for messaging.

Today, following Linda's advice, I sent a messge via the KAS UK Group website messaging page.

Never mind Kathleen if you don't get a response dark edgings will look lovely on blankets.

I received a request from Jude Sullivan who has a contact making blankets for KAS, who can make use of it, so she will get half and the KasBarn will get the other half.

I agree with Sue. Just now I am making dark edgings on my new blanket and I think it looks nicely.



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