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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Indeed it would Louise :))

Congrats Chris....I remembered this beauty straightaway.  :))

Loved making the waffle blanket! So glad it arrived. I have no memory of making the hat, though...getting too old perhaps. I'm looking at the new pictures weekly with hope that one of our group's sets of squares will be sewn together and photographed. 

I love to see all the beautiful colors and patterns. 

Juli my friend sewed your waffle squares together. It made such a gorgeous blanket so she knitted a beanie to go with it.

I posted a photo of one of your groups squares I made into a blanket on the KAS FB page some time ago. August I think. They were mainly turquoise squares with a bit of orange and I added a lovely orange heart square crotcheted by Sharon B.

I also used your groups squares - beautiful colours - red, yellows, blue, turquoise etc and added them to a blanket with a smilie face in March.

Thank you once again Christine for the amazing job you do posting all these photographs. I think we all get quite a thrill when we see " our" blankets. Thank you all you lovely ladies out there that send us such beautiful squares to work with.
84 - 89 are some of the blankets my team made in September.

Hi Estelle,

Thank you! I remember sending extra yarn with the waffle squares so that makes sense. How neat to have someone I "know" sew them together. Tell her thank you for the beanie. 

I will look back to the August pages. I have been trying hard to find some of our squares in blankets so the ladies can see their work actually in SA. I will keep looking.

I found the August one!! Thank you so, so much. I saw a smiley face on in March, but didn't recognize the other squares. I'll send a photo to the ladies and see if they remember.

Thanks again!

Beautiful squares sent to South Africa sewn into warm blankets.  These were posted on KAS FB.

Posted by Athele:

Such a delight to sew these absolutely gorgeous squares together on behalf of Anneke from the Netherlands to make this gorgeous blanket. It will be sure to warm the body and heart of an impoverished child. Thank you Anneke! And Estelle for your kindness in always crocheting a border for the most special blankets I'm privileged to create from the squares donated by all the kind hearts from around the globe.

Image may contain: stripes and indoor

Posted by Estelle:

An absolutely fabulous blanket sewn together by Jan Hills from Waterfall Johannesburg. Thanks Sharon B -USA -for the gorgeous lion and all of the other contributors who supplied amazing squares to make up this blanket.

Image may contain: indoor

I remember, Sharon's big picture square. Gorgeous blanket. 

Many Thanks Estelle and the rest of the team for your outstanding work every time.

Oh dear!!! A wonderful surprise to see my squares joined into a gorgeous blanket. Thank you soooo much Athele and Estelle! xoxoxo..... You both are amazing!

Sharon B's lion is stunning, he is feeling very happy surrounded by stunning squares made into a BEAUTIFUL blanket!

Linda thank you sooo much to bring it to our attention, I am not a member of FB. xoxo

Both blankets are simply gorgeous!

WOWZA!  I am thrilled to see my lion square in such a beautiful blanket.   Truly humbled to think what a collection of squares you gathered and turned into this work of art.   Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ... to all the people who made squares, the ones who coordinated them, the one sewing up the blanket and adding the border, the photographer and then sharing the pics here.   Truly a team effort, and a superb one.

Two stunners!

Two AMAZING blankets.

Thanks for posting, Linda.  :))



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