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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Linda, thank you so much for sharing this pattern!  Like Sharon, I love Tunisian crochet.  And I am absolutely thrilled to find another "TCer" in our midst :))  Your squares are lovely! xo

Happy to share...I am all for simple patterns that have great impact. I much prefer Tunisian crochet over regular crochet or knitting, and to my mind it is the best of both worlds! The variety of stitches that can be created is quite amazing.

To be honest, these squares were actually made over two years ago (during imposed downtime due to ill health/treatment), and my big move was really just the catalyst I needed to have a clean out and get them into the post!

The rest of the 31st October pictures of blankets joined by gogos. There are a few more photos to come of some that Estelle joined and one or two other people's work:

Wonderful swathes of colour to brighten up this dull and miserable day. Thanks Christine :)

WOW!! Lots of lovely colour.

I see some of my squares in blanket 25 and then some from the Melton Mowbray knitters in blanket 20 from October 2017.

I joined that blanket Christine. The houndstooth squares are from Hong Kong. They were given to me to join so unfortunately that’s all I know about them.
The plain Janes I used were from St Stithians school.

Thanks again for all the time you spend posting these photos. The pile of blankets just grows and grows.
We all get stuck in and photograph, fold and pack them away and before you know , there’s a mountain of blankets again.

Thanks to all of the contributors for your time knitting and crocheting these magnificent squares.

Hi Estelle, I have 2 names from Hongkong, Christine van Tassle and Jim Jade, they are no forum members, they have sent parcels in June 2017. Most likely the squares were made by them. Really stunning patterns. All blankets are a feast for the eyes. :) Thank you for all the work you do.xo

Thanks for the info Anneke. I always like to know who made the squares and where they from. It’s like being back at school in a Geography class opening the parcels.
Hi Estelle,
The houndstooth squares are from me, so thank you very much for joining them, and also for your creative vision in combining them with the solid squares to make them stand out.

Hi Anneke,
I sent the squares in July of this year - the parcel, and four others, have just appeared on the October list.

Those parcels would be my last to be sent from Hong Kong, in future they'll be departing from Scotland!
They are beautiful squares Linda. I think there are more of them in a blanket Ana has made. She opened your parcels and gave them to me to use.
Thank you, Estelle. I think I sent twenty five of those squares in one parcel, and another four in other parcels. I am looking forward to seeing Ana's blanket.



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