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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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Wow!!!! Some bee-u-tiful granny blankets....surely they are not all from Cath?!

Thomas is doing an excellent job with the photography.  :))

They are all Cath’s Bev.. they are soft, warm and the colours are fabulous. 

I wonder how many Cath has made now. I remember her 250th blankets worth was some months back...and also I'd love to know if she has ever used the same combo more than once...lol.....she is just AMAZING!!!

Bev by May 6th Cath had crocheted her 436th blanket. I’m sure she is up to about 450 now. 

What an amazing lady! 

Thank you for the update, Estelle. :))

My goodness, How's THAT for a total?!!!....I would have thought that her fingers would have cramped up with that rate of production...and I can't imagine how fast she must crochet to achieve this tally.

Love all the beautiful blankets, but the granny square one's are definitely my favourites, so colourful!

Oh my goodness all these themed granny square blankets...I am so VERY impressed!  Difficult to pick a favorite though, they all have something to recommend them.  What talent and what love...wow.

What a beautiful sight, all those granny blankets are so colourful.

A couple of pics from Athele's Facebook page :

How gorgeous is this one, I cobbled together from fabulous squares crocheted by Fleur Downer from South Africa. Estelle - thank you so much for the beautiful border you added. Sets this off fabulously! ! Does it justice. Very happy for the little girl who gets this one! Thank you Fleur and Knit-A-Square for making me inspired to do my best to do these lovely squares justice and the opportunity to be able to take them to Acres Of Love on Thursday, an orphanage with homes across Gauteng. This one will be one of 130 blankets, beanies and hand-warmers with which Knit-A-Square contributors have graced us for this distribution to children in need. Bless you one and all.

Spot Georgie under the latest set of squares I'm about to start sewing together. .. on behalf of Knit-A-Square. And what a fabulous set this is. ... looking forward to seeing how it turns out

Wow, love the blanket with the cupcakes and sweets on, so pretty!

Totally agree with Wendy...the cupcake/lolly blanket is very sweet. (pardon the pun) GREAT collaboration from Fleur, Athele and Estelle.

Nice colour combo coming up in the other blanket. Georgie seems to have given it the seal of approval....lol.

The "sweet" blanket really is very sweet. It should be treasured by a little girl in need of comfort.



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