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A bumpy start to the new year but the pictures have arrived now - dozens of them.

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No problem Christine! I can totally relate, I have a multitude of notes on things I knit, because if I have not made them for a while I can sometimes forget techniques or stitch numbers! I also write all my appointments in a note book and on the calendar so I don't forget!

It will keep us hungry for the feast to come :-)

Some photos from recent Opening Days.  Large black plastic containers feature in a number of pictures and Ronda writes: " These have more or less replaced our boxes for sorting - to avoid flood damage should it ever happen again. Certainly we are not expecting any such thing until next summer as our winters are very dry. 
We received virtually ALL these boxes from one source - my best friend's daughter who runs a small school close to our residential area. (Her little ones did a great job of washing and drying some of the squares - I did send pictures at some stage.) They make wonderful posters for us and generally get involved. Shannon started the ball rolling on replacing cardboard with plastic sorting boxes, collecting from her family and  from school parents.
And now we have a DOZEN, which is wonderful."

Thank you Christine. It's wonderful to see how the squares get sorted and the goodies that arrive!

So much color and fun things are arriving in SA.  Thanks for posting all of these Christine.

Regulars will realize that the above photos should have been posted under Sorted in Africa.

I'm not going to move them but will try to concentrate better in future! 

Don't worry about it Christine, it's wonderful to see all the pictures no matter where they are put. Those dolls are incredible, I wonder who made them. :)
Well for sure it wasn't me, they are absolutely lovely. Xx

Hadn't noticed Christine, until you mentioned it :-)

As Joan says, it is great to see the photos no matter where they are posted !

Love those dolls.

Hadn't noticed either, Christine....just 'lost in the moment', looking at all the beautiful crafting and the love and care that everyone gives to the children.  :))

Those dolls are impressive aren't they - I see that they were very quickly distributed as there is a picture of a little girl with one of them in the Mandela Day distribution post:

Impressive indeed....and this little gal looks very pleased with her new 'friend'.  :))

Lovely to see the toys arriving - and what a lot of blankets and squares!  It really puts a clearer picture in my mind of how many kids are in need rather than the numbers.  I hope to be sending you more teddies soon after our Teddy Day here in Melton Mowbray in the UK.



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