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I’m delighted to have been asked by the Mods to host this month’s theme.  This is the month when we relax and have fun using up all those little bits and pieces of yarn that we’ve been saving all year.  After all, if you have some of this:

You can make some of these:

or these:

or these:

or even some of these:

December can be an expensive month so, instead of spending your pennies, cents, nickels and dimes on new yarn, why not have a trawl through cupboards and closets, drawers and attics (have I missed any hiding places??) for all those little odds and ends that you’ve been keeping ‘just in case’?  By the end of the month,  you’ll feel so virtuous and the children will love the myriad of colours. Just think of all the space you’ll make and money you’ll save …………. just in time to go yarn shopping in the January sales!  Let’s do some stash-busting for the children and



The album for this month's theme can be found here: http://forum.knit-a-square.com/photo/albums/december-2016-theme-bit...

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Love your intro, Elaine....and thank you for hosting in this busy month.

I had a few thicker Christmas squares left over from the last Christmas blanket I finished for KAS, (a few months back)so I have pulled out all my bits and bobs (plus a few whole balls) in red, green, white, gold and silver and who knows this blanket may get finished in time for next Christmas (oops, I mean Christmas 2017).....lol.

My pleasure Bev.  I have one or two UFOs I need to finish too - this could be the perfect opportunity!

I thought I would kick off this month's theme by turning this:

into these:


Lovely Elaine!.......(.those red and black handwarmers were my first attempt at crotchet)

Most people start with something rather simpler Susanne - you made a wonderful job of the handwarmers!

Thanks for hosting this month's theme Elaine and for your great intro. I spy three of my Cuddlebugs made this year for the 'lympic theme.

I love your two flower squares...I've got one of these on my hook at the moment, you've spurred me on to get it finished. :))

Beautiful African flowers!

sooooo lovely !!!

A great transformation!

Thank you for this intro Elaine and thank you for featuring some of my handwarmers.  This is the perfect theme for me as I have so many bits and bobs that I really need to use up.  I have no idea how things will turn out but needless to say they will be rather colourful !! lol

Your two squares are wonderful :)

It was difficult to choose which of your hand warmers to feature Joan - they are all so beautiful.  I love using up odds and ends of yarn as I never know exactly how it will all turn out - all part of the fun!



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