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The Square Heart Award for February 2014

is for Laurie Fortier,

Quebec City - Canada


Laurie joined the Forum in January 2010 and has been incredibly active and supportive ever since! In addition to creating squares, Laurie generously sent other peoples' squares alongside her own.


Laurie has a very busy lifestyle and teaches at  Garneau College in Quebec City, and, is a Moderator for Knit-a-Square. On top of this she writes the KasBlog, has been hosting the Square Heart Award, looking after Pinterest for KAS, and helped me with posting on Facebook!  Sadly, Laurie has had to step down from all her work and the roles for KAS due to an extreme attack of Rheumatoid Arthritis. We are all holding Laurie in our hearts and are hoping that with rest and peace, she will make a complete recovery.


Laurie's first Grace Vest



Donated Squares

many are from the KAS Group that Laurie organised at

Garneau College, and, met at Cafe Tricot!

  Donated squares           Gorgeous Donations          Garneau College knitting group          Maggie's Lion           August-September challenge squares             Squares donated by Helen           Cathy's first squares!           Gorgeous Donations

In November 2013 Laurie lead the Toys, Games and Teddy Bear Challenge, which certainly brought out the 'inner child' of members!


photo  photo photo photo photo photo 


One Square at a Time

 Above is the link to KasBlog which Laurie was updating very regularly until recently. The archives go back to October 2013 and are very Knit-a-Square focused and well worth exploring!



Our message to Laurie is

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Laurie, congratulations !   You have devoted time and love to KAS and it shows in all your projects. Please take a well deserved rest to heal yourself.     We’ll be here when you return xxx 

Yes, thank you Laurie for all your hard work and the inspiration that you have been since you joined KAS. I do hope that you are able to rest and recover and be back with us soon. We'll miss you.

A well deserved award! Resting is so hard for such an active person, but much needed for pain relief and recovery.Take care Laurie, your KAS friends will be thinking of you.

Oh, Laurie, you are so deserving of the award.   I send my best healing and recuperating thoughts your way.  I use the tools that I won during your Seaside challenge all the time, and send you thanks and good thoughts each time I see them and double that each time I use them.   Take good care of yourself!

Well deserved!

Felicitations, Laurie!!  How fitting that in this heart month you should be awarded the Square Heart award.  You have motivated and inspired so many with your sense of urgency about the plight of orphans in South Africa.  Please take the time to heal your body for your spirit is indomitable.

Laurie, the award couldn't go to a more fitting person. You've worked so hard for KAS. I'm so sorry about the rheumatoid arthritis and know how much intense pain it can cause. My husband was diagnosed with Poly-rheumatoid arthritis about 4 years ago and suffered greatly until a specialist found the right treatment to bring him almost total relief. I hope that everything goes well for you and that you will be able to get relief from the pain soon.

Congratulations, Laurie !!!  You so-o-o-o deserve this award.  Your incredible contributions to KAS are priceless, and now it's time to rest and take good care of yourself.  As has been said, we will miss you and we will be here whenever you are able to return. xo

Congratulations, Laurie, and thank you for all your efforts. Healing wishes sent that you're right as rain real soon.

The Square Heart couldn't go to a more deserving person, Laurie.

You will be in our thoughts and prayers until you are all well and back with us.

Well done Laurie, well deserved.  You do so much for KAS. Take care and I hope we have you better and back soon !

I am so glad you have received this award, Laurie. Your enthusiastic participation has been an inspiration to us all. We MISS you!!

So take care, kick back and relax......and get your butt back here asap....  :))



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