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Hi K-A-S Friends.

Many of us have enjoyed a good chuckle or interesting moment in the Share a Yarn and Furry Friends discussions, haven't we?
Being the continually evolving community that we are; as of this moment, these two discussions shall become one.
Welcome to FUNNY and FANTASTIC!
Please feel free to share a pic, a funny story or maybe a link to a video about...... anything.
 We'd love to know what puts a 'smile on your dial' and a 'song in your heart'.

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What a lovely happy mouse.

Awww, how cute!!!!

I realize this is a 'FUNNY AND FANTASTIC" discussion.   However, while this may be fantastic, it is definitely NOT funny!!!  My son just sent me this link to his weather forecast:


He says they made the list ... again!  They are among the 13 coldest places in the world.  To my mind, once you hit these temperatures there is no "worse".  It's all just plain C-C-C-C-C-O-L-D!

Wow Glo....for me that is unimaginable.....I can't even fathom how people would get out and about in that....surely everyone must stay home. 

We live NW Ontario, just east of Manitoba, above Minnesota USA and we're under the same cold weather alert for several days here. Oddly enough, when it gets down to -40 windchill it's like our church members take it on as a personal challenge and everyone shows up for church, hahaha.  Go figure! This was taken by our daughter Lisa yesterday when she drove up for a visit. The deer were in our yard to get a snack and she had to shoo them out the way to get into her car. Unseen, "behind" the camera are two more, waiting on the other side of the car.  It was oh -30 or so at this time. I don't feed them grain, just hay pellets and carrots, not much but they come around every day 4 or 5 of them. The camera elongated this, those deer are 20 feet at most from her, not even that and the ones behind the car about 8 feet away.  :) It was too cold today for them to come for food, they'll probably show up tomorrow when the windchill is only -25 or so. (she is highly amused because the deer didn't want to get out of her way so she could get to the car, plus her husband Derek has unsuccessfully been trying to shoot a deer for their pantry and she wanted to show him that I've got them not 6 feet from my back door...she's so mean, lol) The pile of snow behind her, about 5 foot high is from my 78 year old hubby who shovels the driveway clear all the time. The deer jumped over it to get out of her way.

This is my daugher Lisa's house and I was there 2 days before this when it was literally around -40, not windchill, actual. As you can see her husband and dog are down the end of their driveway, probably getting the mail or something.  We just get used to the temps, bundle up and get on with it. I think those who get damp cold, even when it's only about 0C/32F have it worse...that penetrates right to the bone. This dry cold does freeze skin in 2 minutes but we're used to it. Give us the tropical temps some of you have in the southern USA or over in Australia...wow, we'd never cope.  It's all what you're used to, eh? You can't see it but there's a driveway up that hill right in the center between those trees and yes, you drive a car up it and park up top and it's steeper than the camera makes it seem but hey, what's life without some adventure?  LOL They live "off the grid"...wood heat. Further to the previous picture, Derek is a licensed hunter and they only take, legally, one deer per year and they use the entire animal for meat and give away what they can't use, like antlers, hooves etc. He is also a chef so believe me his venison stew is amazing. They live on 82 wooded acres so they have hundreds of wild deer there.

In the first photo Lisa isn't wearing a hat because even at -30 our blood is thick enough we just don't get cold that fast and she was going 10 feet from our back door to her car. (yes, she had a hat in the car)  Those of you in hot climates have very thin blood which helps you cope. It's all relative. :)

Right about now, those of you in warmer climates are no doubt doing the equivalent of this in our direction.

Image result for funny dog pictures

I would never do that to you, Jeanne.....rofl.

Gee, I didn't know that, Jeanne....it's a great day when you learn something new.  :))

WOW Jeanne...thanks for sharing.........it looks wonderful....in a picture....shovelling snow sounds like a lot of hard work.......so your hubby deserves a gold star!!

ps...you have a beautiful daughter.  :))  ......and the deer behind her just don't look real....too cute...lol.

Oops, this was for your first pic, Jeanne.  :))

Hubby loves shovelling snow. Which is a good thing! With my wonky knees and my arthritic back I really can't shovel anymore so he gets this driveway so clean you could eat off it.  He says he enjoys working up a good sweat.   He doesn't sweat much, he's fit.

One year he was away working, Lisa was visiting and the snow plow plowed across the end of our drive, leaving a ridge of ice and snow chunks about 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall. I tried to charge it and get the car over it and got stuck halfway;.  I tried digging it out but had to give up. Lisa, still in her jammies, tossed on her winter coat, no hat or gloves (only -20 that day) and went out to start shovelling. I knew my days as a glamorous thing were past because nobody stopped to help me but within 2 minutes tops, two pickup trucks stopped and these big handsome men came over and dug out the car for her.  Huh.  There went my ego, hahahaha.



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