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Last Thursday our volunteers did an incredible job of opening all the mail that had accumulated over two weeks and the mail was cleared and up-to-date by the time they left.  This week we did not have a large delivery to open because the Post Office was renovating and unable to issue us our mail – yup, we are not kidding!  So, with two new volunteers joining us today, we got through what mail we did have in no time at all.  This was the perfect opportunity to sort through the backlog of squares that needed to be made into blanket packs and I am pleased to report that we completely cleared that backlog today and put together more than 200 blanket packs.  

WOW - we can see the floor in the sorting room!

It is always such fun, re-visiting all the beautiful squares you send us – have a look at these:


Having caught up on most things operational, has allowed us time to focus on other aspects of the KAS process.  Many of you will have received thank you notes via email or will be receiving letters, via snail mail sometime in the future.  This is thanks to one of our volunteers, Gina, who together with her daughter Isabella offered to help with all the thank you notes and emails – AND, I am pleased to report that other than today’s letters we are on top of that too!  Here are our admin gurus with some of the many letters they worked on this week:

Another concern has been maintaining the KAS database and a lovely friend of Ronda’s, Jeanette, has assisted us with this by splitting the database by country so that a volunteer can take a box of correspondence for a specific country and load that – with this new system, the database will be sorted in no time at all.  Isabella spent a large part of today ensuring that all the correspondence has been correctly sorted into the relevant box to be loaded onto the database.  We really are blessed with these dedicated friends who clearly have no fear of paperwork!

Now that we have so many blanket packs waiting to be sewn together, we are recruiting volunteers who can assist with this.  I hope to be able to report more on this next week and let you know who else “comes on board”. 

 Each of these bags holds 9 blanket packs ready to be sewn together - this room is full.

As always, our dedicated teams who do sew for us already have returned some magnificent blankets.  Take a look at this batch that we received back recently together with some of the completed blankets that arrived in the mail today:

 Abegail admiring the colourful blankets.

Elna Otter of the Lindelani Reformatory project in Stellenbosch also reported back this week on their very successful distribution of KAS blankets which were sewn together by the boys at the reformatory who are all under the age of 17.  The blankets were distributed at two crèches in the Cape. 


Warm and cosy under their KAS blankets.

As always, it has been a very busy week and we looked forward to two distributions planned for next week in Soweto.   

So, here is wishing you all a very productive KAS week with love and hugs from the SA volunteers!!!!

From left to right:  Anuja, all the way from India with Oti and Trish (another new volunteer); Oti with the lovely matching sets she opened today and lastly Wandi, Oti and Lindi bundling squares.  Moss and Matt managed to hide from the camera - Oti on the other hand was not camera shy today!!!!!



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Fantastic report Wendy and just the kinds of news we love to hear - perfect!!!

What a great report, Wendy! It sounds like, little by little, you are getting more volunteers there on the ground.  I was so glad to read that someone has taken on the job of dealing with the correspondence. That must be a huge help for you and Ronda, and it does mean a lot to the members.

The photos are so much fun for us - and it is still a thrill to see you spread out in your new digs.

Thanks for doing this

Thanks Wendy for this informative report !   We are so lucky you are able to step in while Ronda is away.  Wonderful that the volunteers are able to take over correspondence and there is someone willing to look after the database. A big thank you to all the volunteers !!

Linda, Did I see a collection of your By The Sea squares laid out on the table??  I remember that wonderful seahorse with its tail wrapped around the kelp, and smiling Dory.  It's really fun to see them again, this time in South Africa.

Yes you did Sharon.  Lovely to see them laid out with the other delightful squares. The volunteers must have a great time sorting and matching to make blanket packs.

Thank you a thousand times for this wonderful report, Wendy.   It is just thrilling to see the amazing progress that has been made in such a short time.  The volume of work that you and the volunteers have accomplished is truly astounding -- that photo of a room full of pink bags just takes my breath away!


It is so motivational to see the great work being done in South Africa as the crucial follow on to our knitting efforts.  It is so impressive at every level.  Best wishes to everyone involved. 

Thanks Wendy. What an enormous amount of work you got through ! Those blanket packs look amazing and I loved the pics of everyone's work. Welcome to the new volunteers. The more the merrier by the look of it and many hands will certainly lighten the load in SA!

What a JOY to read these weekly reports. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.  I loved the picture too of the little babies sleeping with the KAS blankets over them.  Precious.  I even showed it to my husband and he thought it was great too.

How wonderful that, with all you have to do, someone takes the time to keep us all in the loop.  I really enjoy reading your reports, and the pictures are such a pleasure to see.  Thank you to all who are involved there and big hugs to everyone ! xo

How great to read this, thanks so much for just making my day!

Wendy, what a thrill to see the new space being put to such good use.  The number of bags of blanket packs waiting to be sewn is just impressive.  I am so happy that Ronda has her home back.  Imagine working in the old premises and trying to process all these squares.  It's great to have you on board.



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