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Report from Athelé Oosterbroek


Hugh's Haven 

What a joy to be able to personally hand out blankets, beanies, soft toys to cuddle, hand warmers, knitted tops, stationery and books to this very needy group of children with Estelle yesterday, a fellow volunteer at the marvellous charity, Knit-A-Square, for whom I'm blessed to do voluntary work.

Fourteen children are cared for by a real live angel who has dedicated her life to caring for abandoned children at Hugh's Haven, in Kelvin, Johannesburg. They rely totally on contributions from the community and are all home schooled because there are not enough funds to cover even basic school fees. 

One of your beautiful blankets, that was so gratefully received by this little girl.

Don't be fooled by the fact that they live in a decent house; they were as excited by the bread, jars of peanut butter and bags of apples Estelle brought along as they were by everything else we gave them. The house belongs to a contributor who charges them a token rental, but money to feed the children is a constant struggle. 

We also took along some 'cuddlers' as sleeping bags for the toddlers, one of which would have warmed a three month old baby who was being collected from a destitute mother in Yeoville yesterday afternoon.

A heartwarming morning, one which reminded me of how very blessed my family and I are.

 Chaya, the lady who has been giving shelter to children in need for thirteen years in extremely grateful to all who reach out to assist her.

If you know of a group of children in need, who are not supported by government or other charities, who could do with blankets to warm as winter bites down on us, please let us know.

Preparing all the goodies at Estelle's home before we left!

The stash ... about to leave!

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Thanks Athele and Estelle for the heart-warming report and wonderful photos!

Thanks for this wonderful report.  It is great to see toys from the toy theme.  Happy Dance!

Thank you Athele and Estelle or sharing this report and all the wonderful photos. Chaya is certainly a special lady.

Thanks for the report. Thrilled to see toys in the children's harms and all the rest of the gifts. Thanks to Estelle and Athele.

What a lovely report. Very heart warming to see the children's smiles.

Love seeing the smiles on the children's faces.:) Lovely report. :)

I could see Bev's peggy and Sharon's rocket !! Wonderful pictures!! Thanks Christine!!

When I looked at the lovely photos again I was delighted to see a toy, Sergei the Meerkat (with specs),  that I sent as part of Amy's toy theme. A girl wearing a purple hoodie is holding him in her arms..... I  am sooooo pleased:))))

What a special lady is Chaya.......and to do home schooling, too......such a tremendous gift she is giving the children in her care.

Thank you Athele and Estelle for this wonderful, detailed account and for including lots of pics, too.

I saw the toy with the glasses....so thrilled for you to see Sergei in the arms of a child, Chris. He is a cutie!! xo

Thrilled to see my 'piggy' square. (thanks for noticing Diana)

Soo heartwarming. Huge thanks to Athel and Estelle :))

oh goodness... please if there is a link to donate for food please post it!

Hi Mary, here is the link to their website, I hope that is what you were looking for? Chaya is mentioned in the " About us" section so I am pretty sure that this is their website:




Monthly donation:

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One time donation:


KAS supplied blankets, hats, handwarmers and toys to over 5,500 children in 2017.  If Ronda’s wishes come true, in 2018 even more children will receive the gift of warmth and love from around the world.

See how you may help!

 With Gratitude to our Gogos


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