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From the time we first met Mabel in Evaton, far south of Johannesburg, where she lives and organises multiple gogo sewing groups, she has been a keen and supportive KAS person !


Her gogo groups in Evaton and Sebokeng have been responsible for massive numbers of blankets being stitched together for us and Mabel has, in most cases, collected those and distributed them herself in the areas surrounding Evaton, Sebokeng, Finetown, Weilers Farm, Orange Farm - areas which are up to 35 kms south of Johannesburg, off the main freeway to Cape Town.


Itireleng is one such crèche .... one of SO many to which we have distributed this year. We know that Mabel is meticulous in her work ... she loves doing distributions and works hard to communicate the love and encouragement we try so hard to convey to orphaned and vulnerable children. The message of their uniqueness and God's unconditional love. She herself, is a Godsend !!!


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Thank you, Mabel, for reaching these children and spreading warmth and love so they know we have not forgotten them!  A lovely picture of Mavis.  She looks so much like Mabel ... are they sisters? xo

Oh goodness grace me, I've had a senior moment Glo - Louse was spot on - it should be Mabel!!!! Will amend pronto!

Lol Pam, it happens to all of us!!!

Just noticed I called you Louse - oh dear, definitely a typo, must get my keyboard checked out in case it isn't me!!

Thanks for this uplifting report Pam....and thank you Mabel for all you do for KAS and the children. :)))

Glo, I think the lovely pic is of Mabel, maybe there's been a name typo??

Oops ... I'm sure you're right, Louise.  Thanks!  I guess I should have realized that, but thought I was the only one who made typos ... :)) xo

Lovely photos ! I notice most of the children have very smart and interesting hairdos. They look very loved and cared for. Thank you Mabel for reaching so many children with warmth and love, and thank you to your wonderful sewing Gogos. Without them there would be no blankets !!

Thank you so much for letting the children know we send our love to them. And for all the work of the Gogos. My love to them and to you You are an inspiration.

Mabel is a Godsend, indeed. Her tireless efforts (and those of many others in SA) are what makes K-A-S such a wonderful thing to be a part of.  :))

Are they a couple of Chris C.'s blankets that are draped over Mabel's shoulders?

Agree Sue, their hairdos are so cute. I remember when my son was in his early teens, he always wanted to have a 'corn rows' hairdo one day.....like some of  his American basketball heroes, I think.

Well spotted Bev, do you have a photographic memory? The blanket draped on Mabel's shoulder and the Go-Over on her arm are both mine, from October 2015 :))

I remember your gorgeous variegated yarns, Chris.  xo

Such good work and devotion to helping these children. Thank you Mabel.

It must be such a help to Ronda that she takes care of distribution also.



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