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Welcome to the KAS Monthly Themes for 2015


This year is 'The Year of the PJ'

The simple, much needed squares that are the backbone of KAS.

We hope that KAS folk will celebrate the year by posting photo's of their PJ's for all to see



or crochet...


Simple stitches create wonderful blankets to keep the children in South Africa  warm!

But of course we still want to enjoy seeing the wonderfully crafted squares produced by so many of our talented KAS folk; the works of art that help to make the blankets so special!




I love gardens! A small piece of our world that is ours to care for and enjoy. I am in awe of the changing seasons: the natural rhythm of nature, with plants, flowers, shrubs and trees revealing their splendour throughout the year 'at their time'. Delicate flowers like snowdrops appearing through the earth and snow; the fresh beauty of daffodils and tulips that greet each spring; the blossoms and fresh green leaves appearing on our shrubs and trees; the wonderful variety of flowers, fruit and vegetables that grow in summer; and of course the glorious autumnal colours that herald winter. Throughout the seasons, our gardens are home to an amazing variety of creatures and receive many interesting visitors!

Words alone can't possibly describe the beauty of nature. So I thought I would let Mother Nature show you a little of her beauty, in the hope that you will be inspired to knit or crochet beautiful squares to help keep the children warm, and allow them to have a little beauty in their lives.

Please click on the link below to see 35 photographs, I hope you will be inspired by what you see......




So let us put our imaginations, hooks, needles and yarn to work for our Garden Theme!



I wonder what our wonderful KAS folk will grow........



Please click on the link below to visit the lovely Pinterest board 



To visit our Garden albums, please click on the links below 




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Here are your gorgeous roses Christine !

January 2015 Garden Theme

January Theme 2015 - The Garden

'Flowers in a row'.... a series of three knitted by my sister, Ros.

January Theme 2015 - The Garden

Oops, this pic is sideways, but when I rotate it, it goes really weird. :(

January Theme 2015 - The Garden

Sorry everyone, somewhere between  downloading these from an email then uploading them to here the squares have become distorted....the flowers are just so pretty, especially in the multi-coloured square. They are all 8" squares, but you are all aware of my techno skills...or lack thereof.

January Theme 2015 - The Garden

A series of two water lilies crocheted by my sister, Ros.

Oh WOW, Christine!!! If the pansies in your planter are half as pretty as your crocheted pansy, they must be spectacular.....LOVE your squares!!

Oops! Copied your pic, forgot to paste. Here is  Christine's BEAUTIFUL pansy squares:

Just "squaring up Christine's" pansies

January The Garden


I love love love this theme! I'm feeling a flower blanket in a riot of colours coming on...

Here is Christine's Go-Over.

Marigold "impressions" and a hedgehog visitor to the patch

As part of the Christmas challenge, Linda asked me to make a lizard ridge square. I used garden colours and added flowers and a ladybird, so I'm just adding it here too. The wavy edges will pull straight once this square has a few neighbours for support. x

Gloria challenged me to create a Blue flower for the Mini Christmas challenge.  It is lovely that the flower also qualifies for the Garden theme :-)

Gorgeous squares and Go-Over already for the Garden theme !

Mini Christmas Challenge & Garden Theme

Two beautiful flower squares by my sister, Ros.



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