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Ronda reports that in December 2012 KAS supplied John Crane House with blankets so the former street children have a warm cover during the cooler months of the year. Here is a report from the Rev Brent Chalmers

We are delighted to report that fourteen young ladies moved into John Crane House in Springs yesterday (28th February). Although the basic structure was completed in December last year, there were several snags that needed to be sorted out.

The house features electricity, running water, sewerage, a fully equipped kitchen, a great security system with an electric fence and armed response.

It has been fully furnished and is now ready for occupation.

The girls were blind-folded and then led into the house by Revs Sharron Dinnie and Brent Chalmers.  They then removed their blind-folds, took in their new surroundings and pandemonium broke loose!

Many thanks, once again, to John Crane (Pty) Ltd in Springs, Jonathan and Callie Groves and David and Cheryl Snell from Houston Texas. The Valente Family, Mike and Sheil Howes, the Dischem Foundation, Famous Brands, Investec Bank, Knit-a-Square and many many other supporters and donors. God bless you.

And now for the Boys House


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Isn't that wonderful! What a great organisation.

Wow, that's super.  What a dream come true for these children.  I can't wait to hear how the boy's house is coming along!

How wonderful for the children...truly life changing. Thanks so much for sharing this, Pam.


This is wonderful!  Thank you so much for sharing the news :)

Yes! More progress toward getting children into warm and safe homes. Now for the boys...



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